Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Opening Tabia and their Principles:

Same Direction Cannons: Deferred Chariot vs. Filed Chariot

Yan Wenqing and Zhang Qing Trilogy of Books on Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Opening

This Same Direction Cannons opening system is one of the latest variations in the evolution of the Same Direction Cannons. It became popular in the 1980s and is still seen in major tournaments. There are two boards to this section. Red will use the Deferred Chariot Variation with Double Headed Snake Pawns while Black would counter in several ways. The concepts demonstrated will benefit beginners.

Videos that the Webmaster has made and posted on Youtube are also embedded for better learning. These two boards would also mark the end on the section on Same Direction Cannons. For more Same Direction Cannons, please visit other boards Dubious Positions and How to Attack Them and Deception and Countermeasures in the Xiangqi Opening, also by the same authors.

The Webmaster would like to thank Master Yan Wenqing and Grandmaster Zhang Qiang for allowing the author to translate their work into English and share with the English speaking World.
The Webmaster has also made short videos which are available on Youtube .











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