Dubious Positions And How to Attack Them Boards 061-064

Chapter Six would discuss the second most commonly played Red Opening: the Pawn Opening (P7+1 by default). The Webmaster has divided the eight boards in this section into two pages. The main theme would be the Pawn Opening vs. Thundering Defense which accounts for the first six boards.

The discussions that were given are very practical and useful. There are several boards which will explain why the traditional way of playing the opening for both colors cannot work nowadays.

This page will present Boards 61-64.

The author is extremely grateful to have obtained the permission from Grandmaster Zhang Qiang and Master Yan Wenqing to translate their work and present them to the English speaking world.

There are accompanying Youtube videos which the Webmaster has added in the accompanying links. Click here for the link to the entire playlists. 














《布局疑形与攻击》 by Master Yan Wenqing and Grandmaster Zhang Qiang

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