Chapter 10: Checkmate Techniques 杀 03a

 Due to constraints of this book, the authors have decided to classify the different tactical combinations into the following list:

  • a) Tactical Combinations involving the Central Cannon,
  • b) Tactical Combinations involving the Double Cannons,
  • c) Tactical Combinations involving the Bottom Ranked Cannons,
  • d) Tactical Combinations involving the Horse at the Flank , and
  • e) Tactical Combinations involving the Elbow Horse.

There will be many examples which will be discussed in detail.
Note: The examples have also been made into short videos with corresponding tags to offer a clearer explanation. The URL would be:

c)  Tactical Combinations involving the Bottom Ranked Cannons

A Bottom-ranked Cannon supported by two Chariots or a Chariot-Horse combination can often form an extremely aggressive offensive.
The next eight examples will demonstrated this. The first four are kills by the 2r1c combination while the final four are kills with the 1r1h1c combinations.

Note: There were eight boards in this section which has been divided into two pages to decrease download time. This would be the first page.













李海鸣 和 林秦. 象棋战术初步. 北京 : 新华书店北京发行, 1986. 7015.2281.

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