Chapter 9: Sacrificing 弃 02

In this chapter, the authors have divided the subject into eight sections for discussions. They are"

  • (1) Sacrificing material to mount attack
  • (2) Sacrificing material to kill
  • (3) Pseudo-sacrifice
  • (4) Virtual sacrifice ('虚’弃)
  • (5) Enticing Sacrifice material 诱弃
  • (6) Counter-sacrifice
  • (7) Sequential Sacrifice (序盘)
  • (8) Sacrificing material in complicated situations

 Note: The examples have also been made into short videos with corresponding tags to offer a clearer explanation. The URL would be:

(2) Sacrificing material to kill

(2) Sacrificing material to kill
Sacrificing material is also often used to orchestrate or launch an attack that could lead to checkmate.
When there has been heavy military build-up that would threaten the King, it is important to first consider this tactic of sacrificing material to checkmate. This is especially evident in the case of the Chariot as the Chariot can rapidly deliver checkmates. Special attention should be paid to this opportunity should it appear.
On the contrary, being careless, and refusing to consider the option of sacrificing material because the player felt that he was one move short would often result in missing good opportunities. Sometimes, the opponent might even sneak in a kill.








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