Mumen Xiansheng's series on Xie Xiaxun

During the 4th China Hangzhou International Conference on Chess Culture, I finally had the chance to meet with the chairman of Wenzhou City’s Xiangqi Association. We had been in contact for some time. Chairman Wang’s gift to me was The Patriotic Chess King Xie Xiaxun 《爱国棋王谢侠逊》. Xie Xiaxun was the widely acknowledged Xiangqi king for an entire generation, but my knowledge of him was rather fragmented. This book was a well-organized biography of Xie’s life. After reading the book, I had many reflections.

At the same time, Mumen Xiansheng wrote a short series articles based on the book and I was compelled to translate it so more people would know about Xie Xiaxun, definitely one of the most important Xiangqi greats in the history of Xiangqi. there

Xie was without a doubt one of the monumental figures in the history of Xiangqi, and he was one of the rare patriots that had a heart to match.

There were nine articles to the series and would serve to be a very nice introduction to the life and greatness of Xie Xiaxun.

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