Secret in the Tangerine 《橘中秘》

The Secret in the Tangerine is one of the most famous ancient manuals of all time. It can also be considered to have been one of the earliest Xiangqi primers that are still extant. There is advice on how to play the game, in-depth discussions on various opening variations and sub-variations, endgame discussions, demonstrations on different tactical combinations et cetera. Indeed, the material shown in the ancient manual serves as the fundamentals of Xiangqi that still influence modern-day play.
Together with the Elegant Pastime Manual and the Plum Flower Manual, the Secret in the Tangerine has been a fundamental classic to read for all keen Xiangqi enthusiasts.

Ancient Xq Manuals Plum Flower Series 《梅花谱》 系列

The Plum Flower Series is a series of ancient manuals that contain the title Plum Flower in their titles. Although they were written by different authors over different centuries, the main theme was the Central Cannon vs. Screen Horse Defense opening system. Later volumes of the Plum Flower Manuals would improve upon the older volumes.
Prior to the Plum Flower Manuals during the Ming Dynasty, Red's Central Cannon was king and Black would often counter with the Same Direction Cannons or Opposite Direction Cannons.

Lexicon of Xiangqi Terms in English 1st Edition

The Lexicon of Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Terms is the first-ever English Lexicon on Xiangqi. There are well over 1600 entries and over 490 figures in the book, which span all disciplines in Xiangqi. Chinese terms have been added with Hanyu Pinyin wherever appropriate so that the entries would be precise and leave no room for doubt in the process of transliteration. 

Lexicon of Xiangqi Cover for Kindle

One Hundred Variations in Xiangqi & Marvelous Variations Xiangqi Manual

Xiangqi endgame compositions or problems (as would be the term in International Chess) are an integral part of Xiangqi and one of the gems of the Chinese culture. They represent one of the major fields of Xiangqi, especially in the ancient manuals. Unlike discussion of various opening lines or entire games, well-constructed endgame compositions often have a central theme and contain many brilliant plays that would trick and mesmerize those who dare to try them.There have been many ancient manuals dedicated to the ancient manuals, like the Elegant Pastime Manual, Dreams of Divine Positions, Recluse of the Fragrant Bamboo, Cliff by the Lake et cetera and they represent a considerable portion of the culture of Xiangqi.