List of Xiangqi books that are not in Chinese or English

Stone Xiangqi TableBooks on Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) are rare in English. It is even rarer to find books in other languages other than Chinese or English. Over the years of combing the internet, the Webmaster has jotted down some of the books on Xiangqi that were not written in English or Chinese.

Although he cannot understand the contents, he has made a list to help Xiangqi lovers from different ethnic backgrounds find books that might help them learn Xiangqi. It would be helpful for native speakers of different languages to find and locate books easily.

The list will grow slowly over time.

For any visitor to have found books not listed here, please share with the Webmaster, and the world, so that Xiangqi will grow in popularity!

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The following is a list of books that have been organized into different languages. There are affiliate links that would lead to Amazon.

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In German:

Schachspiele in Ostasien - Xiangqi, Changgi, Shogi.

Einführung in die Mittelspieltaktik des Xiangqi (German Edition)

In French:

Traité du jeu d'échecs chinois, Xiang-Qi (Ludothèque de l'impensé radical) (French Edition)

Xiangqi: Regeln und Taktik des chinesischen Schachs

Xiangqi: Einführung in die Regeln und die Taktik des chinesischen Schachspiels

Xiangqi - La maîtrise des finales (volume 1) (French Edition)

Xiangqi - La maîtrise des finales (volume 2) (French Edition)



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