Dreams of Divine Positions 《梦入神机》

Dreams manual cover for KindleBefore the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644 AD), books about Xiangqi had already existed. One of the earliest of these manuals was Dreams of Divine Positions.
It was said to have been a twelve-volume work. Unfortunately, only a fraction has made it through the sands of time. Luckily, some of it has been collected and survived in the Elegant Pastime Manual. The Dreams of Divine Positions that we have today consists of 144 Xiangqi puzzles or endgame compositions. The first few puzzles are straightforward and rudimentary, but the degree of difficulty would increase significantly towards the end.
The author has also taken great pains to study and identify the ancient passages from which the title was derived. It is a treasure trove of culture whereby the ancient Chinese have managed to combine the wisdom in the ancient texts into the puzzles.
Dream about Xiangqi. Dream about Divine Positions.
Simple explanations of the Chinese titles to illustrate the rich culture of the Chinese has also been done..
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