One of the best ways to learn Xiangqi is to see how the experts conduct their games. If there were commentaries to help explain the moves or even better, the line of thought behind each move, it would be a pleasure to view a good game that has been played.
While there are literally tens of thousands of matches with commentary in English, matches with English commentaries are still a relative rarity in Xiangqi. This issue is one that the Webmaster has strived to change for the past decade even though the efforts of one man is sometimes just not enough.
Nevertheless, the Webmaster has translated the commentaries for dozens of actual matches over the years. The links below will lead to pages full of commentated games by the Webmaster. It is perhaps the largest collection of commentated games in English on the Web.

Uploads from 2012 (71 boards uploaded): 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 

Uploads from 2013 (63 boards uploaded): 01 02 03 04 05 06     

Uploads from 2014 (25 boards uploaded): 01 02 03   

Uploads from 2015 (35 boards uploaded): 01 02 03 04 


 Selected best 5 games from 1959-1983.


 Uploads in 2020: 01  


Annotated Games by IM Chao Ifan  


There are still several files of commentated games that the Webmaster has done but has yet to find at this point. These games with precious commentaries will be uploaded when they are located.

There is also a video playlist on Youtube which is given below. The list of commentated videos will grow.


Prior to producing videos on Youtube, the Webmaster had already translated dozens of games by the experts.
These commentated games are different from the ones in the video.