An introduction to Xiangqi

Xiangqi is a turn-based game of strategy that is usually played by two players although there have been instances of groups of people taking turns to move. It has been played by the Chinese for centuries. The current form of Xiangqi that is played nowadays took form no later than in the Song Dynasty.
The introduction to Xiangqi can be divided into several aspects for discussion.
The technical aspects of the game would be covered in this section while the historical and cultural aspects would be covered in another section which can be found on the menu.

The technical aspects can be further divided into the following:

  1. An introduction of the chessboard,
  2. The chess pieces and their value,
  3. Xiangqi notation,
  4. Opening phase,
  5. Midgame phase,
  6. Midgame phase,
  7. Endgame phase, and
  8. Endgame Compositions or Problems as they are called in International Chess.

In the section, I will go through each item in detail. Just click on the arrow at the bottom for the next article.