International Chao Ifan's Annotated Games

zhao yifan photo 01About Chao IFan:

Title: International Master

Best Achievement: 2nd place in Foreigner's Division in 2018 Yang Guanlin Cup.
Other notable achievements: 1 vs. 26 simultatneous blindfold exhibition match against local Taiwanese Xiangqi experts in 2017. 15W-3L-8D.
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Chao Ifan is also one of the hardest working Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) educators in Taiwan, teaching students from different schools. He is also very dedicated to Xiangqi promotion. The Webmaster has the honor of meeting him and he has aggreed to donate some of his commentaries to help spread Xiangqi to the West.

IM Chao has his own Youtube Channel and although it is in Chinese, it is filled with Xiangqi videos of a very high quality.


20200802 Chao IFan Annotated Game. Enjoy!

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